I am a nature inspired abstract expressionist painter.

Art helps me find simplicity in the sublime and substance in the mundane. I find the process of creating meditative and therapeutic.

Painting forces me to be in the moment where I can't be distracted or think about other things.

In my work I like to explore the horizon line; the conjunction of land or sea with the sky. I am inspired by the natural landscape that surrounds me and the beautiful coastline and beaches of Northern Israel where I now live.

My style is intuitive as I try to capture and convey feelings and emotions stirred within me in response to the landscape.

I often start a painting with a sentence or even just a word marked on the canvas. This becomes obscured by the multiple layers as I allow the painting to develop and guide me.

I generally work in acrylic paint and mediums on stretched canvas, building up layers and rubbing or scratching them back to reveal colours and marks beneath the surface.

My hope is that the finished piece reflects a feeling or mood, like memories, transitional and multilayered.

My work remains untitled as I prefer the viewer to interpret it in a way that resounds within themselves.

About the Artist


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